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Extraordinary Council Meeting

27 May 2014




















Francis Greenway Centre

170 George Street


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You are hereby notified that an Extraordinary Council Meeting of Liverpool City Council will be held at the Francis Greenway Centre, 170 George Street, Liverpool on Tuesday, 27 May 2014 commencing at 5.00pm. Doors to the Francis Greenway Centre will open at 4.45pm.


Liverpool City Council Meetings are taped for the purposes of minute taking and record keeping.  If you have any enquiries please contact Council and Executive Services on 9821 9237.




Rob Noble







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Declarations of Interest

Chief Executive Officer Report


CEO 01          Appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council..................... 3...........  




Extraordinary Meeting 27 May 2014

Chief Executive Officer Report


CEO 01

Appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council


Strategic Direction

Leading Proactive Council

Position Council as an industry leader, delivering best practice and innovation

Key Policy

Workforce Management Plan

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Report By

George Georgakis - Service Manager Council and Executive Services

Approved By

Rob Noble - Acting Chief Executive Officer



Executive Summary


To advise Council of the recruitment process for a Chief Executive Officer which has been undertaken and facilitated by Stephen Blackadder of Blackadder and Associates. 




That Council move into Closed Session to deal with a Mayoral Minute in accordance with Section 10A(2)(a) of the Local Government Act 1993 as the information to be discussed contains personnel matters concerning individuals other than Councillors.




The Council is conducting a recruitment process for a Chief Executive Officer and delegated authority to a Recruitment Panel comprising the Mayor, Cr Ned Mannoun, Deputy Mayor, Cr Mazhar Hadid, Cr Peter Ristevski and Cr Wendy Waller to oversee the process, to select candidates for interview with the Panel, to interview those candidates and make a recommendation to the Council. The process is being facilitated by Stephen Blackadder of Blackadder Associates.  


Councillors met with Mr Blackadder on 3 April 2004 in a workshop and received training in the recruitment process, discussed the desired attributes of Council’s new Chief Executive Officer and the challenges facing the position and the Council generally.

The Recruitment Panel then worked with Mr Blackadder to invite applications for the role.  31 high quality applications were received from candidates in NSW and Queensland.   There was a very diverse offering with 6 existing or former local government general manager/CEOs, 11 existing/former local government directors/managers, 7 from government, and 7 from the private sector.


Twelve (12) candidates were interviewed by the Panel over a two day period, Friday 16 and Saturday 17 May 2014.  The interviews were subsequently conducted and after an assessment of the relative merit of candidates aided by consideration of personality profiles, the Recruitment Panel has selected one candidate who it believes has outstanding merit and should be appointed by the Council as its next Chief Executive Officer.


The Panel unanimously recommends the appointment of the candidate, who highly impressed the Panel members. Reference checks, as a part of Council’s due diligence processes, have been carried out and Mr Blackadder will report on these in the proposed closed session to follow.




Economic and Financial

The remuneration details are covered in the confidential mayoral Minute. 

Environmental and Sustainability

There are no environmental and sustainability considerations.

Social and Cultural

There are no social and cultural considerations.

Civic Leadership and Governance

Act as an environmental leader in the community.

Undertake communication practices with the community and stakeholders across a range of media.

Foster neighbourhood pride and a sense of responsibility.

Facilitate the development of community leaders.

Encourage the community to engage in Council initiatives and actions.

Provide information about Council’s services, roles and decision making processes.

Deliver services that are customer focused.

Operate a well developed governance system that demonstrates accountability, transparency and ethical conduct.