MINUTES OF THE Extraordinary Meeting

HELD ON 27 May 2014




Mayor Ned Mannoun

Councillor Balloot

Councillor Hadchiti

Councillor Hadid

Councillor Harle

Councillor Karnib

Councillor Mamone

Councillor Shelton

Councillor Stanley

Councillor Waller

Mr Rob Noble, Acting Chief Executive Officer


OPENING                              5.12pm

PRAYER                               The prayer of the Council was read by Maree Stewart, Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council.

APOLOGIES                         Clr Ristevski


Motion                              Moved: Mayor Mannoun          Seconded: Clr Hadid

On being put to the meeting the motion was declared CARRIED.

CONDOLENCES                Nil

Declarations of Interest


Chief Executive Officer Report

ITEM NO:      CEO 01

FILE NO:        116419.2014

SUBJECT:     Appointment of Chief Executive Officer, Liverpool City Council




That Council move into Closed Session to deal with a Mayoral Minute in accordance with Section 10A(2)(a) of the Local Government Act 1993 as the information to be discussed contains personnel matters concerning individuals other than Councillors.




Motion:                                  Moved: Clr Stanley                        Seconded: Clr Waller


That the recommendation be adopted.


On being put to the meeting the motion was declared CARRIED.


Council moved into Closed session at: 5.16pm.


Open Council resumed at: 6:24pm.




























Mayoral Minute

SUBJECT: Selection of Chief Executive Officer

Motion                              Moved: Mayor Mannoun



1.    That the Mayoral Minute to the Extraordinary Council Meeting on Tuesday 27 May

2014 in Closed Council in relation to the recruitment and appointment of a Chief Executive Officer for Liverpool City Council be received and noted.


2.    That the preferred candidate selected by the Recruitment Panel on 17 May 2014 be offered the position of Chief Executive Officer of Liverpool City Council and the Mayor be authorised, with advice from the Recruitment Consultant to finalise negotiations based on the following:


a)    A four (4) year performance-based Contract.

b)    A total remuneration package to be kept confidential.

c)    The contract of employment being in accordance with the standard contract required by the Office of Local Government.

d)    Adoption of the Council Policies in Schedule A of the contract relating to entitlements provided to the Chief Executive Officer.

e)    Commencement of the contract on 24 June 2014.


3.    That no public announcement of the name of the successful candidate be made until the Mayor has obtained a written acceptance of the offer from the preferred candidate.


4.    That the Employment Contract between the appointee and the Council be executed under the Common Seal of the Council.


5.    That Council nominates the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors Ristevski and Waller as members of the Chief Executive Officer’s Performance Review Panel in accordance with the Guidelines for the Appointment and Oversight of General Managers issued by the Office of Local Government.


6.    That the Chief Executive Officer be invited to nominate a Councillor of their choice as a representative on the Performance Review Panel.


7.    That the Council delegates to the Performance Review Panel the performance management process including the signing, within three months of commencement, of the Chief Executive Officer’s Performance Agreement from date of commencement to 30 June 2015, in accordance with the contract of employment.


8.    That the Council appoints Stephen Blackadder of Blackadder Associates for period of six months as the independent facilitator for professional services up to the value of $10,000, to assist in the performance management and review process and to provide advice and support for the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer.


9.    That the Council seeks two quotations for the subsequent role as an independent facilitator to assist in the performance management and review process and to provide advice and support during the year for the Mayor and Chief Executive Officer; and delegates the appointment of the ongoing independent facilitator to the Performance Review Panel.


10.  That the Council undertakes a performance review against the agreed criteria following the completion of the first six months in the role and every 6 months thereafter.


On being put to the meeting the motion was declared CARRIED.


Immediately after the reading of the above resolution, the preferred candidate signed an employment contract with the Mayor. The Mayor then introduced the successful candidate, Mr Carl Christian Wulff, as Council’s new Chief Executive Officer.








Name: Ned Mannoun

Title:     Mayor

Date:     25 June 2014

I have authorised a stamp bearing my signature to be affixed to the pages of the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on  27 May 2014. I confirm that Council has adopted these Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.