MINUTES OF THE Extraordinary Meeting

HELD ON 26 October 2016




Mayor Wendy Waller

Councillor Balloot

Councillor Hadchiti

Councillor Hadid

Councillor Hagarty

Councillor Harle

Councillor Kaliyanda

Councillor Karnib

Councillor Rhodes

Councillor Shelton

Mr Kiersten Fishburn, Acting Chief Executive Officer

Mr Gary Grantham, Chief Financial Officer / Director Corporate Services

Mr Raj Autar, Director Infrastructure and Environment


OPENING                              6.00pm

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT       The Acknowledgement of Country, Affirmation of Council and

OF COUNTRY,                      Prayer were read by Pastor John Keane from West Hoxton

AFFIRMATION OF                Community Church.



Motion:                                   Moved: Clr Hadchiti             Seconded:Mayor Waller

APOLOGIES                          Clr Ayyad


On being put to the meeting the motion was declared CARRIED.





Declarations of Interest





Representation - items on the Agenda      


1.      Ms Caroline Karakatsanis, Director Financial Audit Services from the Audit Office NSW addressed Council on the following item:


CFO 01    Annual General Purpose Financial Statements 2015/16


Chief Financial Officer


ITEM NO:      CFO 01

FILE NO:        284231.2016

SUBJECT:     Annual General Purpose Financial Statements 2015/16




That Council:


1.   Receives and endorses the 2015/16 audited financial reports;


2.   Authorises the Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Acting Chief Executive Officer and the Responsible Accounting Officer (CFO) to sign the prescribed statement that will form part of the financial reports;


3.   Forward a copy of the financial reports together with the auditor’s report to the Office of Local Government in accordance with Section 417(5) of the Local Government Act 1993.


4.   Authorises the Acting Chief Executive Officer to issue a public notice containing a summary of financial results and put the financial statements on exhibition for 7 days to seek public submissions; and


5.   Note that the financial statements and a summary of public submissions received will be presented to Council at its next meeting for consideration and adoption.





Motion:                                  Moved: Clr Shelton              Seconded: Clr Hadchiti


That the recommendation be adopted.


On being put to the meeting the motion was declared CARRIED.








Name: Wendy Waller

Title:     Mayor

Date:     23 November 2016

I have authorised a stamp bearing my signature to be affixed to the pages of the Minutes of the Council Meeting held on  26 October 2016. I confirm that Council has adopted these Minutes as a true and accurate record of the meeting.